14 June, 2009

Recipe for a Chameleon Weekend Outfit

Over sized Plaid Men's Shirt
Capri length Yoga Pants  or  Cropped Leggings
Comfortable Flip Flops 
Comfortable Matching Flats
A Belt, I recommend something patent or sequined 
Large Sunglasses

1. Plan a day where you are going to stay home and do chores (Some suggestions are: cleaning your room, tackling that mending you've been meaning to do, ect.)
2. Put on your leggings/yoga pants, shirt and flip-flops.
3. Tackle the chores.
4. Finish the chores early, decide to pick up some frozen yogurt and a movie to have a comfy night in. Decide you can't go out dressed like this.
5. Cinch your shirt around the narrowest point of your waist with the belt, change into flats, and put on the Sunglasses to hide your makeup-less eyes.
6. Pick up your supplies like a movie star.
7. Enjoy!

(Note: This is basically what I wore today, and I guarantee that it is comfy.)

Love, Rosie


  1. haha :) love the way you set this out, cute !

    and liking the blue tone you've put through the outfit

  2. Nice set! Great for a casual day.

  3. That's a good idea! I think I wore like 3 outfits yesterday to achieve that effect.