19 June, 2009

Fixing It: Chloë Sevigny at Paris Couture Parties

So, this is an experiment with a new kind of post. As I stated a few days ago, don't know much about designer fashion. I know even less about what celebrities are wearing. I'm going to take something that someone famous has worn, and figure out what I would do differently to make it better. Without further ado, here is my first repair job:

Chloë Sevigny paris Couture Parties Fixing It Celebrity Style @Through the Wilderness
Photo Courtesy of Style.com

First Alteration: Unless I am sorely mislead, she is not performing in Witches on Ice: The Ice Show. In consequence, her dress should probably be a little be longer. Say maybe mid-thigh length.

Second Alteration: You know how they say leave something to the imagination? This dress could use a little help on that front. I'm not saying that this is extremely revealing or anything like that, but I would bring the neckline up a bit higher. High enough say, to be able to maybe fit a bra underneath.

Third Alteration: I would end the bodice part in a single point in the centre, in line with the point of the neckline. Also, this dress wouldn't mind losing the funny flap bit at the center of the skirt.

Fourth Alteration: This is a bold dress. It's sequined and varying shades of purple. It doesn't need a big necklace.

Fifth Alteration: You might as well go all out. Smoky eyes, dark lips, and sultry hair would be more appropriate to this outfit than the more demure natural look she is wearing.

So, my dear readers, what do you think? Is this a feature you would like to see more often? Is it a concept you like, but there is something in the execution you would change? Feedback is awesome, as it helps me find out what you like and what you don't.

Love, Rosie


  1. I totally agree with you, the length of the dress is all wrong; it should be longer and her make up and hair are inappropriate for the dress and they kind of take away from it.


  2. I like this feature. Your "alterations" are spot on!

  3. Can you fix Paris Hilton?
    Personally I like Chloe's look as is...she takes risks and they don't always work out, but she's one the few celebrities who doesn't seem concern with always looking perfect.

  4. definitely agree with above person, paris hilton needs some new accessories besides chihuahuas. :)

  5. http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2007/stylewatch/blog/070122/britney_spears_300x400.jpg

    actually i think britney stood out alot in that particular photo...

    this is also abit outdated : http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/2007/stylewatch/blog/070122/britney_spears_300x400.jpg

  6. I do see what you mean, but I find Chloe's misses endearing...
    As for Paris Hilton...um, everything. There's not a single outfit on her that I have admired!

  7. This is a funny post. And that's very much a Vegas showgirl dress.

  8. very agree with your first alteration. nicepost.=D

  9. hey, thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts, we've decided perhaps not auto-play , seeing as it can be rather annoying.