17 June, 2009

How to Ride a Bicycle in a Skirt

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So, the weather is great, and you want to go down town, do a thrifting, visit your local library, maybe stop by your favorite cafe for a smoothie, you get the picture. Then you think, wouldn't it be nice to ride my bike. Get some exercise, be kind to the planet, enjoy the sun...

Oh no! What about that gorgeous new skirt you were planning on wearing? Never fear, I am here to explain how you can bike in a skirt.

1. If you are buying a bike, get one with curved forks. This makes it easier to steer with one hand. ( The forks are the rods on either side of the front wheels that attach the wheel to the rest of the bike.)

2. Determine what sort of skirt/dress you are wearing. If it's at all short, basically anything above the knee, wear spandex. You probably  don't want to let the world know that there are cupcakes on your panties. 

3. If you have to wear heels, wear wedges. a separated heel risks getting caught.

4. When you get on, step over the frame,  but don't immediately sit on the seat. 

5. If you have a long/full skirt, gather up any and every spare bit of fabric in your left hand. The chain, the main threat, is on the right, so this keeps your lovely clothes away form the nasty, tearing, staining chain.

6. Get going.

7. Whenever you can, drive with only your right hand, using the left to hold your skirt, or to make sure it doesn't get caught. 

8. Pull up gracefully at your destination, and smile at the looks of awe on the faces of the nearby people.

(photo from flickr)


  1. Ah hahahaha I love this so much! I usually just wear spandex because I don't have hte skill to ride without them.

  2. This is possibly the most useful blog post I have ever read. Gonna try this out tomorrow! :)

  3. hahah this is great!! really cute pic
    but i'm too chicken to ride my bike in a skirt. its too risky still loll
    and the funny story? ;) it was just a big misunderstanding between two friends, that was allowed to continue for much too long!

  4. loved your photo!


  5. Such a cute article and helpful tips, I love riding my bike in dresses or skirts! ♥

    Take care!