07 June, 2009

What I Wore: While I was on vacation

Please feel free to scowl disapprovingly, throw things, ignore me, or anything else you feel is appropriate. I feel really badly about having gone away for so long with out letting you know that I was going to be taking a hiatus while on vacation.  I was visiting my grandparents for my grand father's eightieth birthday. In other news, I went shopping, got some awesome stuff, which will be disclosed at a later date. Not much later though.

I only took outfit pictures a couple of days, since I was so busy, but here they are.

Shirt, ??; skirt, ??; nylons, Joe Fresh; shoes, Croc Flats. You may be asking why I'm wearing nylons, and the reason is simple: It wasn't that warm. 

I am standing next to a mammoth statue, not specifically for an outfit shot, but because we felt the need to behave like dorky tourists. Not that I have anything against dorks or tourists, in general. This outfit ended up being kinda high maintenance, since I was constantly pulling my skirt down to hid the black part of my nylons and so that my shirt wasn't acting as a dress. Still, I liked it. 

Skirt, Handmade by me; shirt, smartset; shoes, Croc flats; awkward expression, purely Rosie. This is what I wore to brunch and then a movie, and I felt that it worked well. Flats made it relatively comfy and casual, but the full skirt and tailored top added a bit of something that made it more interesting. 

Short, Dickies; Shoes, Indigo by Clarks; shirt, Smartset. I went down to our hotel pool deck to take outfit photos, and I would have used it more but we left the hotel the next day to stay with my grandparents. I really liked this outfit, but it was way to light for the weather. It was only around ten degrees Celsius!


  1. i really like the colors of the second outfit.

  2. haha cool photo with that mammoth, and glad you had a great time ^^

  3. fun photos and great outfits!

  4. passed you an award!! keep that blogging going :)

  5. i love ur green skirt :O

    where did u find the great fabric?
    i loe the 2nd photograph :D

    great posts btw :)

  6. I l9ove your green skirt.
    You look so pinup in that picture. <3