26 June, 2009

Fixing It: Britney and Paris from 2007, Part 1

I know this picture is way outdated, but it was brought to my attention, and I feel it is to terrible not to fix. So, today I am going to tackle Britney, then in the next post, I will talk about Paris. 

First Alteration: Obviously, the neckline. Honey, that looks both painful and unflattering. The lowest that top should end at about the same area her tan line ends, and no lower.

Second Alteration: Unless your dress was actually eaten by a paper shredder, it shouldn't look like it was. Let's just even off the hem line and bring it down to above the knee.

Third Alteration: Lose the tacky trim around the neckline. This is before Circus, remember? this is way back in 2007, before you had a breakdown or a recovery.  So no need to look like you are in the center ring.

Fourth Alteration: A single stocking? Please no. 

Fifth Alteration: What's with the funny bright yellow thing sticking out from your head? It should probably go on extended leave too.

Sixth Alteration: Maybe you should be wearing different shoes. A sexy nude heel would be gorgeous.

And there you have it, part one of this fix up job. Check back soon to find out how I renovate Paris's outfit!

Love, Rosie


  1. This kind of post is a great idea!

  2. haha, love how you came up with this, it's quite funny to read :)!! that green dress is just ... *shudder* undescribable.

  3. I did not even remember these two were BFFs. Why is someone with a career (Britney) hanging out with Paris? And did they cut one pair of stockings in half and share???
    Anyway, good improvements all around.

  4. lol ohhh mannn these are horrible! so glad you "fixed" them up. they needed help!

  5. I agree with every single point. And that single-stocking thing is just ridiculous, I'm sure Paris put her up to it! :o)

  6. I agree although i think the single stocking thing was some sort of drunken joke in between them... maybe?
    Great idea for a post

  7. great job, but i'm confused on one point: what yellow thing are you talking about?

  8. omg such a horrible two and what are they wearing! well britney at least! haha

  9. lol ! so true ! omg those breasts ! really what's up w/ that?