12 June, 2009

Rain and Dreams of Sheer Fabric

See this photo? See all the rain? Multiply that by about one hundred and you have the rain is coming down around here. And surprisingly, I`m not upset about it. I`m actually finding it very inspiring. I just want to go and buy yards and yards of gauzy blue fabric and construct following, unstructured clothing.
So tell me, if I do ever get around to making something from this inspiration, would you like to here about it? Would anyone be interested in a tutorial? Also, if you have something that you want a tutorial for, and you can`t find one, let me know and I will either figure it out, or find someone who can.
Love, Rosie
PS: Sorry about the long absence. I am just finishing up my exam period, so starting at twelve twenty this afternoon, I am on summer vacation and will have more time to be a better blogger.

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  1. good luck on those exams :) we've just had a bit of a rainy period few weeks back. the wind's not so good with rain =_=