27 May, 2009

What I Wore Was Probably A Bit Too Skanky

Shirt, ???; Skirt, Hand-me-down; Jewelry, various gifts. This is what I wore to a dance almost two weeks ago. I was wearing three inch stilletos, and as you can sort of see, the skirt is pretty short. My parents didn't tell me to change though, so it's ok. Lots of funny looks from people I hadn't seen in a while and remembered nerdy, sweat shirt wearing Rosie. Danced with a guy I like, had fun with friends, all in all an awesome night.

PS: I am really busy, and going away soon, so posting may be a bit sketchy for a while. Sorry, but life is getting in the way, but in a good way. In that I that I have a lot of fun stuff to do, and by consequence have to work hard to keep up with all the school I am missing.


  1. That's not skanky at all! Compared to some of what I've seen, you look like a saint.

  2. You're actually very covered up compared to some of the girls I see when I go clubbing in Vancouver! And isn't it funny running into people who used to know "the old you"? Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like running into people I haven't seen since high school.