04 April, 2010

Dressing like the Red Queen

Although it is true that the Mad Hatter is by far my favourite character from Alice in Wonderland, I have a sort of fascination with the Red Queen. I wouldn't say I exactly like her, but she is a very interesting character. I sort of want to go into more detail, but one of the main reasons I write this blog is to get away from all the analyzing I do at school so I'm just going to talk about her style. 

The Red Queen, obviously, wears a lot of red, and card motifs are common in her wardrobe, specifically hearts. Once again, I feel a Commentaire Composée* coming on, so I'm going to move on to the pretty clothing.

Queen of Hearts Outfit
I'm not sure how happy I am with this outfit. I think the shoes are off, and I feel like something is missing. Still, I think it really captures the essence of the Red Queen fairly well.

I have now been trying to write this post for over an hour now, and everything I write quickly turns into an in depth analysis of her character, the symbolism of her soldiers being playing cards, or her choice of the colour red. So I give up. I'm sorry. French class has killed my brain. I'm going to leave it at this:

Red is a colour that shows confidence, whether it is real confidence of fake confidence. And who can resist the lure of a crown?


Love, Rosie

* A Commentaire Composée is a horrible sort of essay, with incredible amounts of structure. Although, from what I have heard, they will be the least of my worries in the years to come.


  1. red is sooo va va vooommm :) are those awesome crown earrings i spy?

  2. my 2 favourite characters too. i really loved helena bonham's recent portrayal of her.

  3. Loving all the Alice in Wonderland posts, this is a good 'un :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. She needs some sort of high collared long velvet cape and it's perfect! Awesome post, I LOVE that crown ring!