05 April, 2010

Mad As A Hatter Makeup

Today is the last day in my Alice in Wonderland week, and I did a sort of interpretation of the Mad Hatter's makeup.

This is what you will need:
lime green eyeshadow
bright purple eyeshadow
black liquid eyeliner 
black mascara
whatever foundation/concealer you usually wear+the lip gloss/lip stick of your choice 

When I thought about the Mad Hatter and his eyes, it wasn't the crazy make up that I really remembered, it was the bright green eyes. Since I don't have any lime green contacts, and I doubt many of you have easy access to them, I decided to cover the lid with green eyeshadow instead, so it flashes a bit when you blink. Here's how to get the look:

1. Apply whatever makeup you are going to put on your skin. This is the step where I put on concealer. I also put on a bit of barely tinted lip gloss at this point.

2. Use a sponge applicator to pat the lime green shadow all the way up to the crease of your eyelid, but not into it. Make sure you get a nice intense colour.

3. Use a small angle brush (I used my MAC #266) to apply a fairly heavy line of purple into the crease. Using the same brush, apply a line of purple to the bottom lash line, getting a bit thicker at the outside corner.

4. Use a sponge to pat the purple eyeshadow up in the outer corner in the eye.

5. Apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line. I used the liquid liner for my waterline, because it gives a crisper, darker line. You could use an ordinary pencil liner for the waterline though.

6. Finish off the look with your mascara of choice. (I'm wearing Maybelline's Lash Stiletto (for length) and CoverGirl's Lash Blast (for volume).) 

What do you think? Would you consider wearing makeup like this for an "ordinary" day?

Love, Rosie


  1. I usually don't wear elaborate make up but I would wear on an ordinary day:)
    love it:)

  2. I love it, definitely for an ordinary day!

  3. Love it! I would never wear it outside the house though... I'm a black eyeliner kinda gal through and through.

    tweet tweet tweet


  4. Well done! Purple and green - amazing combination.

  5. So creative! Love it! But I've never been big on makeup. I'm a eyeliner, blush mascara kind of girl :)

  6. What a cute look. Creative :)I don't wear a lot of make-up and I'm not good in putting it on either :s


  7. Fun with a makeup with a little color.=)

  8. i LOVE how it pops when you blink - that's such a cool idea!

  9. I love how you've created an entire makeup look based on the Mad Hatter's character! The two colours look beautiful together, although it might be a little too adventurous for my tame workplace. :)

  10. Wow love this look! The green and purple look great together!