10 April, 2010

Product Review: Wearable Birkenstocks?

A few weeks ago, I did something I thought I would never do. I bought* a pair of Birkenstocks. I have always associated them with my parents, which isn't a bad thing, but I always thought they were way too well, dorky/hippyish for my style. I had to face up to the facts though: I am still a teenager, my knees are hurting more and more frequently, and I only get this one body for the rest of my life. The conclusion this brought me to was that I was going to have to stop wearing heels/shoes with no arch support ALL the time. 

The short version of that rather longwinded paragraph is that I bought* these shoes, the Birkernstock Mayari:

I am so happy with my choice! 

I wanted to get them in black, but the sales woman and my mother talked me into getting these, and since there weren't any black in stock in my size, I decided to just get the coppery-blackish ones. They look slightly greenish gold in the picture, but they are a warmer colour in person. It turns out these shoes go with pretty much everything I have tried to wear them with so far, from all black, to blue and bronze, to red, purple and pale blue. They are really and truly neutral, you know they are there, but they don't detract from the colours of the outfit at all. 

The second thing I absolutely love about these shoes is the fact that it is like walking on clouds. Even my most supportive walking shoes have very noticeable feeling when I have them on, not painful necessarily, but you know they are there. With these, it's like you aren't wearing shoes at all, except your feet never get sore. I haven't tested how far I can walk in them, but I wore them all day for a couple days and didn't feel any pain.

I have yet to try and wear them with a skirt, but I have a feeling they will go quite nicely with at least some of my skirts. The miniskirts might not get along with them too well, but I can still wear other shoes some days.

This post is pretty much me talking about why I love shoes, but what do you think? Have you ever worn Birkenstocks?

Love, Rosie

*Ok, so my mum bought them. But I picked them out, and she wasn't even planning on buying me shoes.


  1. I'm always tempted by them in summer but they would look a bit silly paired with the other things I wear...

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  2. arch support is a major issues, and sometimes it is worth spending a bit more money on quality shoes. I used to have birkenstocks as a kid, but they may be a good summer sandal to pick up

  3. wow fab review!

    For everything about fashion:

  4. I think Birkenstock is so comfortable, before I used a pair like all the time -both indoors and outside. Now I just use them outside on the balcony...

  5. they're super comfy and especially if you compare them to heals

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  7. i have never worn them, i don't like too much of my feet showing. but they look sooo comfortable, good to have in your wardrobe.

  8. Support is very important, I agree. I've never worn them but after reading this post I'll look them up next time I'm out shopping. It's nice to have a really comfortable pair laying around. Great post, Rosie!

  9. I've never worn them...I usually just wear my Rainbows, but I will have to check them out next time.

  10. i HAVE to check these out. i saw a girl with them on the other day and i've been wondering about them ever since!

  11. uuuugh my comment isn't showing :(

  12. oh it did. wtf? lol. that keeps happening to me with blogger lately!

  13. I've never worn them, but they seem like a more comfy alternative to flip flops!

  14. Nothing wrong with a pair of comfortable shoes, I think. I have to admit I've never worn Birkenstocks - But yours actually look really good!