09 June, 2010

What I Wore Black-Out 2010 Day 2: New and Old

Dress, Joe Fresh; sandals, Birkis; headband, Claires (several years ago); necklace, a gift from a friend; bracelets, various gifts and handmade

Yeah, I wear these sandals a LOT. The thing is: they are super comfortable no matter what I'm doing, they are easy to take off (and put back on)*, they are neutral enough to match pretty much everything I own, they require pretty much no upkeep, and when my friends are like "Hey Rosie, don't you think it would be awesome to walk across town to get some ice cream?", I can say "Totally 100% awesome!" not "I'd love to, but my shoes won't allow it.".

I have an extreme love for this dress. I've only worn it a couple of times, but every time I do, I'm like: "Damn I love this dress, even if it's trying to force me to show everyone my bra." It's not that often you find a dress that makes you look drop dead gorgeous while feeling like pyjamas.

This necklace arrived in the mail yesterday, and I had to wear it. The large stone is jade, and it has inspired a whole realm of new outfits.

I never would have thought to wear jade/mint green with red on my own, but since the necklace put them together I decided to go with it.

That led to me wearing this headband, which has been laying unloved in my bedroom for YEARS, since I never know what to wear it with. I have some ideas as to what to wear it with though, so it may become a more regular participant in my outfits.


* I like my shoes to be easy on and easy off because I have a somewhat (ok, extremely) annoying habit of taking my shoes off. Honestly, I get to a rehearsal or a class or a random place, and I take my shoes off.


  1. Damn! I love that dress, too! It looks fantastic on you!

  2. Love your dress, the red is so beautiful.

  3. Great dress! The red is so beautiful and it looks so comfy.

  4. Wrap dresses have that effect on me too! You look stunning in your red number :)

  5. so lady! and i love ur hair cut!

  6. I certainly wouldn't let my shoes stand in the way of getting ice-cream either! Lovely red dress! There is something eternally appealing about wrap dresses, isn't there?

  7. the necklace is stunning!

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  8. I'm so glad you did detail shots - the necklace and headscarf tie everything together so perfectly!

  9. What a lovely dress! I have a dress in that samee exact color and I can never decide whether I think it's orange or red..hahaa

  10. Loving the black out idea. Makes me wonder why I wore black today, even though it is gloomy and rainy in NYC today.

    Check out my blog! :-)

  11. Gorgeous outfit! The colors in the necklace really tie everything together.