12 June, 2010

What I Wore Black-Out 2010 Day 4-5: Please don't kill me!

Day 4:

Skirt, thrifted; shirt, Seduction; shoes, Birkis; bracelets, various gifts and handmade.

This entire outfit felt like a really super good idea in the morning. After an hour spent outside playing soccer in the blinding sun (in gym clothes of course), the skirt was my new best friend and the shirt was starting to seem like a frenemy. 

Day 4.5:

Dress, Gina Tricot; Black and white bracelets, Claires; hair bow, Claires; shoes, Birkis, but I only wore them to and from.

I know, I know: I cheated. Please don't kill me! I don't have a really good excuse, just that there was a black and white themed dance, I own no white clothing suitable for dancing and I REALLY love dances and themes.

Day 5:

Shirt, Smart Set; skirt, thrifted; bandana, thrifted; Sunglasses, Joe Fresh; shoes, Birkis.

The skirt (which is actually a skort, shhh!) is a pretty bright blue, but the intense sunlight that day made everything sort of blown out. Having worn it for a day, I have now decided that I need to recreate it in every colour of the rainbow, and several that aren't in the rainbow. Cuteness of a miniskirt with the wearing ease of shorts, Rosie likey!

Day 5.5:

Dress, Eclipse; belt, Cake; bandana, thrifted; shoes, Birkis removed the minute I walked through the door. 

I wore this outfit to a cast party for a production I'm in right now, and I could not have been happier with my choice. I was overdressed, since everyone else was wearing shorts and t-shirts (except my best friend Nat who was wearing an outfit that sort of matched mine); but that was just fine.



  1. L-o-v-e-l-y!

    And hey, don't feel too bad! With a dress that gorgeous, it would be difficult NOT to cheat..

  2. i love love love the gina tricot dress and the white belt with the navy... gorgeous :)
    so did you like any of the music you looked up? haha loads of it's really old :')
    x x x

  3. i love that blue dress!

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  4. Love the black dress from Gina Tricot, looks great on you.