18 February, 2010

12 likes, 1 LOVE, 8 Hates

A few days ago, the lovely Daria and Willow of Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks tagged me to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. So, here goes:

I like snow days, candy canes, down filled slippers, watching Bones, daydreaming, having people ask me what university I'm at (since I'm still in high school), discovering new interests, learning new skills, meeting new people, alphabetizing anything and everything, going to bed, my skull and cross bones earbuds.

I love that no matter how down I get, I have amazing friends who can make me smile.
I hate getting up early, having my parents go out of their way to pick me up, living in the middle of nowhere, never having enough time, not being able to stick with anything, no knowing what career I want to pursue, not being in control of my life, making mistakes.

I would like to tag: Vera, Stacy and Indigo and Tangerine.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. i wish people would ask me what uni i'm going to (i'm fresh out of highschool) and i wish people would stop acting so surprised when i tell them that i am 18!! T_T

  2. I got the Uni questions when I has in high-school..it was so funny:)

  3. oooh i love bones too!

    and im in my last year of high school so now everyone's asking "which are you choosing?! what scholarships have you gotten?!" haha

    thanks for tagging me xoxo

  4. i hate getting up early too. but that's just a sad reality. and we all just have to deal with it. =)


  5. Sorry I haven't commented in aaaages - my mobile internet and computer do not get on well at all hence the lack of blogging. I love your snow shots - they turned out great! That emerald sweater a couple of posts back is gorgeous and early mornings are just awwwful! Hope you are well! :) x

  6. Very revealing...nice post. Love the candle image :o]