13 February, 2010

What I Wore: Slightly Gothic

Skirt, le chateau; shirt, Seduction; leggings, ???; shoes, Converse All Stars; necklaces, gifts.

For some reason I felt like being slightly goth today, and I never go against my stylistic instincts, so I went slightly goth. Black eye shadow, deep purple lips and lots of black felt about right. Not really goth, but still quite fun.

Of course, I got weird stares, since I am a melodramatic, excitable nerd who laughs a lot, and makes references to chemistry class in every day conversation, but whatever, contrast is awesome!

I decided I love this necklace combination, but the middle nail fell off, and I have to glue it back on. I have matching earrings somewhere, but I have to find and fix them too.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. haha, so they are fake nails! when i first saw it, i was like "could they be...?" love the jewelry. <3

  2. YOUR NAIL NECKLACE IS GENIUS!!!!!! love it!!!! and the dark purple lips are very pretty ^^

  3. The nail necklace is so cool! Love it.

  4. hahaha the nail necklace is so funny:)

  5. The nails are brilliant. Nice job!