06 February, 2010

Funky Weekend Knits

I love weekends. I love not having to get up, I love being able to set my own schedule and I love not having to get dressed if I don't want too (I'm a total homebody). When I do get dressed on weekends, my outfit usually looks something like this: skinny jeans. big cozy sweater, head band, boots.

Easy Weekends

Almost never sweat shirts, not because I have anything against them, but simply because I find knits are warmer. Personally, I think that huge knit sweaters with crazy colours or pattern's are the best. So far I have my sheepie sweater, and my mummy is going to make me a purple sweater with a green dinosaur on it. Or maybe I'll make it, we'll see. Anyways, funky sweaters are a great way to take a weekend outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

PS: I'm going to be at a conference... workshop... thing... almost all weekend, and my computer isn't coming, so no post tomorrow, but I will be back Sunday night, baring accidents/snow storms.

PPS: Comment if you found the sort of reference to LotR. It would make me very happy to know that my family aren't the only people on earth who go around using and adapting quotes from the books and movies.


  1. mmm, yes. unfortunately, my weekend doing-nothing outfit is pyjamas. ;) nothing near as stylish as you!

  2. i love to have days at home on the weekend where you don't have to get dressed!

  3. Love those sweaters! Sorry I have been trying to comment on your post but my dongle internet hasn't let me. It's like having dial up again or something and my pictures look terrible! Have a lovely weekend :) x

  4. such great sweaters. the designs are just ridiculously fun.

  5. I adore huge knit sweaters, but I'm with Emily on this, my doing nothing outfit is pyjamas :D

  6. i LOVE the weekends too..especially being in college lol. i love to sleep in :p