23 February, 2010

I wanna be a Rocker

February has really been getting to me. I feel so uninspired when it comes to clothing, and getting dressed every morning has become more and more of a struggle. I think it may be because my style has changed quite a bit lately.

Style Inspiration: 22/02/2010

Part 1 of my new style goal: rocker chick. Lately I've really been craving a bit of bag girl in my style, I want to be able to transmit the sort of effortless vibe that I see people wearing. It's like they just sort of rolled out of bed and threw on the first things that came to hand, but they look amazing anyways. I haven't figured out what the key ingredient is yet.

My style hasn't just been veering towards rocker, so I will share my other source of inspiration within the next few days.

Love, Rosie


  1. hmm yeah rocker is so cool- i love stomping in my boots! i wish i bought a pair of docs that colour when i was in hongkong, !!

  2. Those red Docs are too cool!

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  4. can't wait to see your rocker side:)

  5. i always wanted to pull rocker chic off too Rosie. but i don't know if i have the attitude to rock it.


  6. i LOVE rocker chic! i also am in love with that top!

  7. oh those Red DR Martens!!!! i want :o]

  8. ta petite selection est trop top, jadore associé le rouge et le noir , c'est rock et sensuel,j'avais vu une petite paire de docs rouge chez emmaüs pour (1.50€) mais c'était du 37 oiunnnnnn !!!