26 January, 2010

Oh oh, it's magic!

Have you ever found a piece of clothing that made you feel great for absolutely no reason? Not like that dress that makes you feel a million bucks because it make your waist look a size smaller and your boobs a cup size bigger, but a piece of clothing that does absolutely nothing towards making you look younger/older/slimmer/curvier/whatever you want to look and yet still manages to make you feel amazing.

This sweater is my special for no conceivable reason sweater. It isn't shapeless, but my torso isn't a square so it's shapeless on me. It is made out of pure wool, and sort of itchy. The sleeves swallow my hands. It isn't very long.

And yet, I love it. It is warm. It has sheepies on it. My mummy knit it (for my aunt, long before I was born). One of the many colours in it makes me look "healthy" (according to my dad). And when I wear it, I feel like I'm glowing, like nothing can touch me.

I don't know why, I'm going to put it down to Mummy Magic, or madness, I'm not sure which.

Love, Rosie

Have you ever had a piece of clothing that was unexplainably special?

(I think the title might be from the song Magic by The Cars. But don't quote me on that.)


  1. i've an old shirt which is actually almost torn but
    turns out to be one of my favorite clothes.
    sweetie, you look so chic in that photo plus i adore the

  2. i actually really like that sweater! and there's a great story behind it too

    i have a lot of older stuff that is meaningful to me...sometimes i even "save" it lol.. i should just wear it and enjoy :p

  3. I love that sweater but AH I never want to see snow again haha atleast not for a very long time

  4. I like the sweater! The print seals the deal for me. .

    What are you planning to get a tattoo of?

  5. I love the sweater. I mean it has SHEEP on it. What's not to love?

  6. Really cute print.=)

    Respons>> how long before you finish school?

  7. your sweater looks soooo cosy!

  8. Your sweater is cute...

    I always manage to find something in my closet I totally forgotten about...then I'm so happy!

    Cheers: Evi