06 January, 2010

Over worked and over tired

I learned something today. It wasn't about la Théorème des Facteurs (math class), about the weather (science class), about women in WW2 (history), about short stories (French), or about cameras (tech).

Today, I discovered, that it is in fact very, very important to take the little stickers on concealer packages that tell you if it is for warm or cool skin seriously. As I happened to glance in the mirror in the school bathroom today, I noticed that my new concealer looked terrible. Sleepy eyes and warm lighting in my bedroom had let me leave the house with make up that wouldn't blend nicely with my skin tone!

Moral of the story: Read the label.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

(Sorry if that made no sense. I am in the stage between normal and adrenaline, I call it over tired and over worked.)


  1. honestly I still haven't figured out how to tell if my skin is warm or cool. I just grab whatever is lightest. Though at the rate I've been going I'm lucky if I even manage a swipe of lipstick or mascara in the morning.

  2. that is a great tip! thanks for letting us know! =)


  3. I've never noticed that before! I'm trying to avoid make up this week because my skin is just disgusting despite drinking plenty of water and eating every satsuma I can lay my hands on! :) x

  4. I find Bobbi Brown awesome when it comes to concealers ~ You should check them out :)