14 January, 2010

A Giveaway for the Magpies Among Us

I don't think I tell you all how awesome you are often enough. But really, all you wonderful, kind, encouraging, witty readers never cease amazing me. So when I was recently approached by CSN stores about either reviewing a product or doing a giveaway, I knew I had to do a giveaway. CSN stores offers everything from stools to art, but I honed in on the mirrors.
I'm not sure if I have ever specifically talked about my attraction towards reflective surfaces or not, but I love mirrors. And windows. And cars. And those shiny fridges. ANYWAYS, you now have the chance of winning a mirror from CSN Mirrors. The Blomus Miro Makeup Mirror, to be precise.

I'm afraid that only readers in Canada (Hurray!) and the USA can enter, but if you live in one of these countries, or I guess know someone in one of these countries who would be willing to ship it to you, all you have to do is comment on this post telling me what you like about reflective surfaces. If you tweet about the contest or post a link elsewhere, leave a comment letting me know, and you will get an extra entry. You have until January 23, 2010 to enter. I will close entries at 12 am (midnight) AST.

Good luck!

Love, Rosie


  1. Going to add you right now. Please do the same. Take care!


  2. Hello, first time on your blog!

    Looks like a great giveaway, I'm not from US or Canada so good luck to those who enters:)


  3. I love reflective surfaces because they allow you to see things you might not otherwise. I also like to check to make sure I don't have anything in my teeth before I teach my classes.

  4. I like reflective surfaces because you can check for food in your teeth in them.


  5. Cute mirror.=) The person that wins it is lucky. I have a shoehorn from Blomus and it's great!

    Respons>> Thank you. It's really hard to come up with gift ideas to someone you don't know.=)

  6. lovely mirror. love reflective surfaces so I can play spy!

  7. such a sweet and thoughtful giveaway!

  8. Jessica Bo BessicaJanuary 16, 2010 at 3:43 AM

    I think the only use for a mirror is this-looking into your soul, for you are looking into your own eyes - eyes=windows to your soul...teeheehee...grade 10 english IB!!

  9. Such a coincidence that I'm seeing this post today because earlier today I was writing a list of things I like and one of the first things I put down was "mirrored surfaces". I love mirrored surfaces because they're so minimal but so decadent and so versatile at the same time!

  10. Also, I posted about it on my blog, updating the most recent post.

  11. So I guess that would make the above comment my 2nd entry, right? Sorry for comment spam!