31 January, 2010

My new love: My Mom, the Style Icon

I have been known to borrow clothing from my mummy. For example:

This sweater was originally my mother's, circa the 1980s. She had some pretty cool clothing back in the day, and still does.

These moms though, they are truly magnificent. I discovered My Mom, the Style Icon about half an hour ago, and it is definitely one of my new favourite blogs. If my mother and grandmothers had clothes that amazingly awesome, I would probably never shop again.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. I'm going to send in a picture of my mom!

  2. what a cool blog dear,thanks for sharing...
    I think I'm gonna search some stylish pics with my mom:)

  3. haha, lovely. :) my mom has unfortunately trashed a lot of her old clothes, since she considers them "embarrassing." :/

  4. New favourite website...:) Got to love foraging through mum's old clothes :D

  5. that is AWESOME! i share some clothes with my mom since we're pretty much the same size

  6. you look awesome and i'm going to check that blog out!