08 January, 2010

What I Wore: Delightfully Tacky

Blazer, La Classe Couture; pants, Lululemon; black shirt, Seduction; floral shirt, vintage fabric; belt, Joe Fresh; boots, La Canadienne.

I wanted to do a really nice outfit post today, but by the time I go home it was completely dark and all I wanted to do was put on pyjamas. So instead I'm just showing you the interesting part of my outfit: The floral "shirt". It is not, in fact a shirt. It's just a rectangular piece of fabric. I wrapped it around my neck, safety pinned it in the back, added a belt for waist definition and a blazer for warmth/to cover the improvised back, and voila: a delightfully tacky shirt!

I am wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath, cause it's cold in winter up here, and I like not showing everyone my bra.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

PS: Please, please and pretty please with a cherry on top, come check out my new blog, Exposure Extraordinaire! We could really use some followers who aren't A) Friends of Findlay, B) Findlay's sibling, and C) Findlay. (All of the above people are very awesome, at least the ones I've met are, but still, make me feel loved too!)


  1. haha i love the outfit! creative

  2. Love the floral fabric. Very creative!=)

  3. That's awesome! I never would have thought that it wasn't a shirt. Major fashion kudos.