10 January, 2010

My Someday Tattoo

The other day I was sitting in French class, waiting for it to end so I could go home, and happened to doodle a little chain thingy. The original drawing was on the back of a test, so I recreated it with my wacom tablet.

It just so happened that my paper was set to a sort of peachy colour. Then I realized that it would be perfect for a tattoo. I have always said that I would never get a tattoo, that I couldn't do something that permanent to my body.

But the more that I think about it, I want to get a tattoo. I don't think that I will just go out and get one for the sake of getting a tattoo, but someday, I will get one to commemorate something.

I may not be able to get it for another several years (you have to be something like 18 to get one without a parent's consent, and my mum would never agree to a tattoo), but I know that one day, I will get that design tattooed unto my collar bones. Yes, my collar bones. The tattoo will be high enough to be shown off easily, but low enough to cover when necessary. And I love collar bones. I find them rather attractive, strange as it may sound.

I also sort of want to get something done on the underside of my wrist/wrists, but I have no idea what. Maybe an infinity sign, or a celtic knot.

Love, Rosie

PS: If you are interested in seeing the pictures I have been taking lately, please check out my new blog, Exposure Extraordinaire. (You should also check it out if you want to read about my "deep" thoughts, or you want to see pictures of a stuffed cat)


  1. that's interesting... i think i'd like a tattoo n my inner arm/wrist, but have no idea what it'd be. an i totally understand about the collarbones thing!

  2. The wrist is a really bad place to get a tattoo. It tends to wear/fade much faster because of how often hands are used. Collar bones are a bad idea because of how much it hurts. Wait until you're much older and then see if you still want it.


  3. looks cute tattoo!
    huh, but tattoo doesn't suit me.
    i'm scared of needles.

  4. i'm too fickle to ever get a tatoo. I think collar bones/necks/backs are the sexiest part of the human body. Maybe I'm weird but they just seem to represent grace and strength yet are delicate as can be.