03 January, 2010

Beauty Trends for 2010 (I hope)

This post was planned for yesterday, the second, but just before I could start writing, the power flickered and we had to unplug the airport, so no Internet. Consequentially, the yesterday referred to in the text is actually January 1.

Yesterday evening, I sent out a tweet asking for post ideas. Hanako66 suggested trend predictions for 2010. I had already written and published a post, but I loved the idea. I spent a good part of today trolling Style.com, looking at pictures from the Spring/Summer ’10 collections, more specifically, looking at the beauty section. After much thought, I chose three looks I would love to see become more wide spread.


I love the simple, natural looking makeup and hair, paired with glitzy hairpieces and jewelry. The natural look appeared in several shows, but I found that Chanel pulled it off the best. All the others looked like they were trying a bit too hard, and they ended up looking like caricatures, in my opinion.

Christian Dior:

I also adored the vintage inspired lips and hair, combined with bright eyeshadow and dramatic lashes that we saw at Christian Dior. At first I was on the hedge about it, I found it a bit much, but it’s really growing on me.


The carefree rocker chic look used by Versace is another favourite of mine, the bold eyes and dewy lips are simply amazing, in my opinion. I may be crazy, but I feel that these looks capture the devil-may-care attitude that is so often portrayed in pop culture (and that I secretly want to find).

What is your favourite makeup style for 2010? What do you think will become the most widespread?

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

(All photos courtesy of Style.com)


  1. i have to say, i'm a huge fan of dior's look, with the super-obvious makeup and vintage hair. (the natural look will never be for me. ;)) personally, i'd love to see more red cheeks (blusher), and of course kohl-y eyes are never out of style...

  2. i agree with emily. i love the dior's look.
    i always love putting pinkish blush on my cheeks
    but i look so dull on natural make up.

  3. i will always go with the natural look! love it

  4. I'm so into the glam Dior look. Gorgeous!

  5. the chanel look is so great. Though I can't tell if it's really the makeup i'm dazzled by, the model is radiant! I love the purple eyeshadow, very fresh (and universally flattering)

  6. The natural Chanel look is definitely my favorite. I really don't wear much makeup at all, so I'm rather fond of the fresh-faced look.

  7. Loved the Dior and Chanel looks! Happy New year!

  8. I love Versace makeup. Im really fond of the smokey eyes nude lips, especially if the smokey eyes have a lot of color to it

  9. the models are super stunning, especially the chanel one:)


  10. this is a great idea, i adore chanel!

  11. all of this looks are gorgeous!!! i am partial to chanel's fresh faced look!

  12. love all the looks but biased toward chanel. the model is so gorgeous! and i love the hair. :) thanks for sharing!