15 January, 2010

What I Wore: Defying the Weather

Sweater, Smart Set, thrifted; leggings, ???, some shop in Sweden; skirt, ???, thrifted; shirt, Smart Set, thrifted; boots, La Candienne.

At some point last weekend, I decided that I was sick of letting the cold weather control my outfits, and since then three out of the four outfits I have worn involved skirts or dresses, but with lots of long sleeves and leggings added in for warmth.

I had completely forgotten about this skirt, but when I needed something to wear over leggings in this outfit, I happened upon it. I'm pretty sure it is one of my favourite skirts of all time: high waist, check. short hemline, check. extremely tight fit, check.

I first thought about wearing this shirt with that sweater last week, but since I try not to rewear pieces too close together, I delayed wearing it. I'm glad I did, it looks so much better with the navy blue pinstripes of the skirt than it would have with boring old jeans!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

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  1. I like the stripes peeking out from below the sweater. I just brace myself fot the weather everyday, I still haven't induged myself on an actual winter coat. Then again we don't actually have snow on the ground, just rain...

  2. love the close ups detail shots
    that blue is gorgeous btw.
    we don't live in the states or canada =(

  3. you're right! that sweater looks great with the skirt

  4. Great outfit.=) Have a nice weekend.

  5. Lovely layering! I never wear trousers so I am constantly forced to brave the cold in a skirt which isn't always advisable. Hope this outfit still kept you nice and toasty! :) x

  6. very cute and the photos are lovely!