16 January, 2010

The Traffic Pylon Sweater

sweater, polar fleece, 66 North, hooded @ Through the WildernessWhen I got home from school today, I found my father and sister wearing balaclavas, and a clear bag with something bright orange, like traffic pylon orange, in it at my spot.

It was a super awesome bright orange polar fleece sweater I had been admiring on the 66 North website a few weeks ago.

I immediately went and took off the shirt I was wearing with the red skinnies (it's awesome, but this one is cooler), pulled on the first tank top that come to hand, and tried it on.

Mummy thought that I looked adorable (I've only been telling her twice a day for the past several years), so she had me get out my camera so she could take pictures. After I got it on, and unzipped the hood again, I realized that it is pretty much the softest sweater on earth, so I started dreaming up outfits to wear it with. Here is what I came up with:

Which is our favourite? How would you style this sweater?

Love, Rosie

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  1. i love that orange sweater, sweetie!
    that's really perfect for a cold and windy weather during the

  2. it will give a great sportswear twist to your outfits. Its kind of awesome, though i would never have imagined it to be if I saw it on the rack. I like the first way you styled it with all the seafoam greaan and the really pretty bracelet.

  3. that really is the perfect garment to wear in this cold weather

  4. Look 3 is my favorite mainly because those shoes are fabulous! :)

  5. i think all you need is a pair of orange pants so you can pretend to be a ninja. ;)