01 March, 2010

Stargazing Star

I bought this dress yesterday, and as soon as I got it home and hung it up I realized just how much I love it.

It feels oh so glamourous, so I decided to wear it with a faux pearly necklace, and wedge sandals. My foot wear of choice would have been my black t-strap heels, but walking in the snow in those would have been difficult.

I didn't manage to get out to take pictures until after supper, but then once I got "dressed up" I felt a bit like a movie star.

And what's better than a star looking at the stars? So I got out some binoculars and took some pictures.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Looking very classy there! I love the colour. Aren't you cold though?

  2. Lovely dress!=) But it looks a bit cold.

  3. great buy dear,it's a lovely dress and it suits you very well...
    weren't you cold wearing the wedge sandals on snow?

  4. that dress is very pretty, and i love the idea of going out and doing a photoshoot in the half-dark! stargazing is the nicest thing you can do - its all i did last summer.

  5. that dress is so pretty - i would be freeeezing though! haha

  6. I'm impressed that you wore those shoes in the snow, even if just for a photo!

  7. the colors in these pictures, the contrast is so pretty!

  8. very nice
    didn't you get cold girl? ;D