30 March, 2010

Dressing like the Mad Hatter

As I said yesterday, the Mad Hatter is my favourite character from the new Alice in Wonderland. I mean Johnny Depp is super talented, the character is amazing, and the wardrobe is stellar. Once I had finished my "OMFG that was... just so!" stage, and my analyzing stage, I pretty much said "I have to do a Polyvore set based on him!"

This morning though, once I started really thinking about it, I realized that I HAD to do two sets. 

Not Quite as Mad Hatter Outfit
The first one is the outfit that is in my opinion fairly simple, the sort of thing I can see most people probably getting away with most of the time. This one is more based on my feeling of the Mad Hatter, a sort of country feel, but with plenty of eccentricity. I struggled with this one though: to hat or not to hat? I mean, he is the Mad HATTER, but top hats aren't necessarily very wearable. I left it out, but feel free to put wear one.

This one is my favourite though:

This is the set that I REALLY love. It has multiple loud patterns two colours of nail polish, and THE hat. Well, not THE hat, bat a pretty cool costume version. If you are wondering why I included a plaid skirt, it's because in one of my favourite scenes, the final battle, the Mad Hatter wears a kilt. This obviously makes him like a million times more awesome, and he wears it with a BRIGHT BLUE VELVET JACKET. The only reason I didn't include a blue jacket was I couldn't find one I liked.

What did you think of the Mad Hatter? Would you wear either of these outfits?

Love, Rosie


  1. I like the second one, if you're going for Mad Hatter go all out!

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. i'm glad you included the hat in the end, it's either all or nothing when it comes to the Mad Hatter :D

  3. Though the second one is all Mad Hatter, the first one is more like something I would wear :o)

    BTW- Johnny Depp is so incredible! Love him!

  4. The second one was a great mad hatter outfit.=)

  5. This is really a mad hatter!
    Love the fedora hat!

  6. Isn't she?=) If you have the time to vote for her she would be very happy.