04 March, 2010

I wish I had a school uniform

I have never had a school uniform. Sure, there have been dress codes (I still don't get why leggings and a tunic top weren't accepted at my middle school), but never an actual uniform. To tell the truth, I kinda wish I had one.

I wish I had a uniform...

I know I would probably hate it within a month, if not a week, but I think it would make getting dressed more interesting, but also easier. I know that most schools that have a uniform probably don't let you wear stilettos or fishnets, but it's fun to imagine.

Did any of you have a uniform? What did you think of it?

Love, Rosie


  1. I had a school uniform and I wanted to get rid of it:)
    we looked like waiters:))

  2. I had the most hideous uniform in school - a maroon and bottle green striped blazer, bottle green v-neck sweater and below the knee pleated skirt, bottle green socks and we had to pick shoes from a list of regulation footwear and have a school backpack. And you know what? I loved it! I just didn't know what to do with myself when I left and had to make actual decisions about what to wear every day! I wonder why you weren't allowed to wear leggings and a top? When we had non-uniform days we weren't allowed to wear jeans! :) x

  3. In movies/TV-series I think the uniforms always looks so cute.=)

  4. My school didn't, but I wish they had. It was too easy to determine the difference between the rich kids/ poor kids at my school based on where they shopped.

  5. oh, sure, uniform always looks fun in the movies and when people are walking past because on their way home they give themselves a bit of a more individual look, but in the school corridors.. oh, it's HELL. my uniform was a burgundy blazer (men's cut, of course), burgundy jumper (not tight), crisp white shirt with top button done up, burgundy and red tie (for boys and girls), plain black trousers and flat black shoes, NOT CANVAS.
    thanks for your comment :)
    x x x x x

  6. i have a uniform! i dont mind it, its green, the jumpers are frumpy and the skirtts are above the knee. kilts. lol, i never wear green anymore though!

    id like this one!

  7. i've never had a uniform either - but it'd be a good excuse to wear an awesome skirt like that!

  8. here in the UK pretty much every school has a uniform. my school at the moment is particularly strict about it!

    most girls wear flat black shoes, black tights, black skirt (meant to be just above knee but everyone wears them super short!), white shirt tucked in, green and black striped tie and a black blazer. other girls wear black trousers instead, or no tights, and guys just add black trousers. i like it because it's easy to chuck on every day and isn't too garish. also, we can style it up a bit with whatever shoes we want as long as they're black and not trainers. and we can wear pretty much whatever skirt we want. i wear a black high-waisted bodycon one.


  9. My school uniform was actually quite similar to the one you posted (without the stilettos!) but was a kilt, fitted white blouse and navy jumper. I hated it to start with, but it was actually pretty good as it meant never having to think about what to wear but could still show some individuality...