09 March, 2010

What I Wore: Cozy Cardigan

It was back to school for me today, and I was actually kind of happy to be back. There is only so long I can wear fleece leggings with sweatshirts before I drive myself mad.

Shirt, Smart Set; Cardigan, thrifted, Smart Set; Jeans, KappAhl; Boots, La Canadienne.

Still, I didn't want to go too all out on my first day back, so I stuck to something simple yet flattering. And cozy. This cardigan is really warm! It's a new find, I grabbed it when I was out shopping during the break. Then I got home and realized just how small an extra small is. It took a bit of tugging to get the sleeves on, and forget about the top button, but one I got it on, I loved it. It's so hard to get a tight cardigan, or a cardigan that ends right at my natural waist.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. My dear, I love this black and red outfit. It reminds me of Givenchy W2010 collection.

  2. The cardigan looks great! and I love the red shirt, makes the hole outfit a little more fun.=)

  3. Cute Cardi! I use to feel that way about school! I looked forward to breaks, but then actually anticipated seeing my friends again :)

  4. i love the pop of red in a neutral outfit! cute!

  5. i agree with marshmellowness.. i seriously love the pop of red with black!

  6. OT: You BETTER let me do your wedding jewelry when the time comes, beyotch!


  7. Very cute! Love the way it enhances your natural curves.

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