20 September, 2009

Betsey Johnson Spring 2010 Ready to Wear

I haven't had time to look through most of the new collections, but I did see Betsey Johnson's spring '10 collection, and it was love!

A tutu, black, and hot pink. And look at the cut of this!
I'm really loving the ruffles, and this is a simply brilliant head dress!
I adore the lingerie look of this, and next to black and red, hot pink is one of my favorite colours.
The shoes! Aren't they simply amazing? The dress isn't all that great, but the head dress is perfect.
I think that the bodice could be a bit more fitted, and if it were, I would have yet another crush. Needless to say, I adore the head thing.
Gorgeous isn't it? I don't usually go for white, or pastels, but here they just work.
I'm not wild about the hat thing here, but the dress has some serious potential, if the bodice were shaped differently. I find that it makes the pencil thin model look slightly pregnant.
We all know that I adore anything shiny and black, so are you at all surprised that I love it?
How perfect is this dress? I could write sonnets professing my love. I am not too wild about this head dress, and I would pair it with different shoes (bright red, high heeled, non-strapy shoes), but the dress is so amazing that it doesn't matter.

(photos from style.com)
Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. every single dress in her collection is amazing! I'd die to wear one. Love the first one.


  2. betsey johnson that got me into runway collections, she always has the most amzing designs.

  3. Betsey Johnson's designs always seem to enbody a lot of joy, which makes them so much fun!

  4. It sure looks amazing, so playful and beautiful!

  5. fantastic! i see these being your style :)

  6. everything looks amazing.glam, girly and diva-like.love it.and the colours just pop out.

  7. so darling!!! that little purple dress with the bussel is perfection!

  8. The first girl reminds me of Taylor Momsen!