12 September, 2009

What I Wore: Pigtails and a Pink Stripe (or two)

Shirt, la classe couture; skirt, thirfted; scarf, gift from friend; shoes (not really visible), Aldo. Sadly, I need to mow the lawn, so you can't see my shoes, but they are really cute! They are black, matter leather, with curvy, but fairly thin 1 1/2" heels and a little bow made from the same type of leather on the toes. I'll take a picture some day.

The planned outfit today had a super tight, super mini skirt with an old shirt of my dads, and had a very "don't you want to know if I went home last night?" feel, but then I decided at the last minute that I didn't like it, and changed. I'm glad I did, since this outfit was amazing to wear. My shoes made the most amazing clacking sound, and I felt so glamorous! Yes, I know that pigtails aren't usually considered glamorous, but since when have I cared what other people thought?

I had so much fun breezing in, around and out of class, since while some people are dressing a bit more interestingly, most people still dress in a pretty standard jeans, tee, flats, and I really stand out. This outfit was also helpful in the halls, since people seem to move aside more for me when I wear something a little more, well I'm not sure what, but this sort of outfit. And anyone who went to a large high school knows that the halls are vicious. I don't have a problem with pushing my way through, but I like not having to.

Also, cookies to you if you read all of that!

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. i love your look ! love the pink bow :D

  2. It's a great length and it looks like it would have great movement. My school has outdoor hallways which is kind of ridiculous considering it rains nine monthes out of the year.

  3. i really like the outfit:)i love pigtails.though i would like to see the planed outfit too:)

  4. yes! black/neon always looks super-modern and chic. and i totally understand the getting out of the way thing, although if i wore heels if would be because they'd be trying to get out of my way before i crashed into them! ;)