05 September, 2009

Pictures from my Trip to Sweden/Iceland

Once again, I missed a day, but I really am very busy at the moment. Anyways, I thought I would post some pictures from my trip, two per day. These pictures are all form Umeå, a university town in northern Sweden.

Day One:

We drove out to this dam in the river, and this is the view from the base. We walked around, it was very pretty, so many birches! (Umeå is called the city of the birches sometimes.)

After our walk, we went into town to visit the farmer's market, and to get ice cream. I got vanilla and blueberry soft serve with chocolate sprinkles. Yum!

Day Two:
We drove out of town to visit some friends of my parents, who have a gorgeous house in the country.

The gorgeous house. This is the traditional northern Swedish style of house siding, and my mother is absolutely crazy about it. The interior of the house was amazing too, but I was too busy loving it to take lots of photos.

We walked a few minutes from the house, and went to see this river. In this picture you can see the opposite bank from where we were.

Day Three:
My mother and I go shopping down town.

I tried on a pair of Doc Martens. I fell in love. I am now saving like mad, because I need these shoes.

We had an afternoon snack at the Nya Konditoriet, which is a bakery in Umeå. My mother got a cafe latte, and we shared a marzipan thing ( I absolutely adore marzipan) and some amazing cake.

Day Four:
I venture down town to shop, on my own.

I walked home along the river, and there was this little dock.

I got lost, since the walking paths weren't on the map. I figured it out eventually, and got home in one piece.

Day Five:
Repeat day four, minus walk along river and lostness. I went to the play ground outside the school I attended when I lived in Umeå (2002-2003), and took some pictures with macro focus.

My sunglasses, sitting on the post at the end of something.

There is this giant pyramid made out of rope, and I climbed it to see if it was as high as I remembered. It was, strangely, since I have grown quite a bit since then. Near the top of the structure, I took this picture.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. Nice blog you have
    nice outfit!!
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    have a good one

  2. thank you for taking us on your amazing trip. beautiful photos

  3. beautiful pics dear,thanks for sharing your trip!
    love your navy dress:)

  4. That is an absolutely amazing dress rosie! : D

  5. Looking good in the Marten's so save up!

    I love marzipan too. The pasrty is called dammsugare, which means "vacuum cleaner" :) IT's becaue the shape and two-coloured pasrty reembles those old hoovers.

  6. Lovely outfit, you are simple too adorable!! :D

  7. the last two pictures are amazing!