10 September, 2009

What's in my Bag?

I'm un-inspired at the moment, can you tell?

Purse, Gina Tricot. This is a new acquisition, and I love it!
Pen knife, Swiss Army. I am not deranged. (Not too deranged anyway.) I wore braces for years, and I always carried a knife to cut apples and stuff like that. I just carry it out of habit now, and because it can be useful for trimming threads.
iPod touch+earbuds, Apple. For distraction, or for when I need to look aloof.
Keys. For getting into the house!
Mirror, ?? and spray painted by me. Because I often get a sinking suspicion in the middle of class that my eye make is smudging, and I need to check.
Purel, grocery store. Your really can't be too careful!
Wallet, ??. Pretty obvious, I think.
Sunglasses Case, Rayban. For keeping my beloved sunnies safe!
Sunglasses, Rayban. I need to protect my eyes from UV light, and because they look awesome!

I also have all sorts of makeup in my bag, but it changes day to day.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. i'm always convinced that my mascara has smudged too! I'm always wiping under my eye just in case.

  2. Haha, having a swiss army knife is not deranged. It's always good to be prepared :)

  3. I just made a similar post here the other day :)

    Love your bag, so chic! And who can live without their raybans, well not me!

  4. love your bag,it looks like the Alexander Wang one;x

  5. i love these kinds of posts. i'm such a curious person. i always want to know what people have in their bags.

  6. Sweet post! And that guy in the first picture is Vivianne Westwood's son. ;-)

  7. Love your bag and your glasses!

    +Thank you for the advices.We'll take note of eveything and soon we'll tell how was our first day at school!



  8. Very organised! I've got a flowery swiss army knife - they are very handy indeed. Like the bag too! I'm feeling rather uninspired too but this was a good idea to keep the posting going! :) x

  9. The story of a little girl name Ling


    Nice to meet you.. I'm Stephen

  10. I love what's-in-my-purse posts! This was quite fun to read.

  11. i just seeing into people's bags!

  12. i love "what's in my bag" posts. i feel like you get to see into their everyday life... i think right now all my bags are crammed with schoolwork and various crap, though!