16 September, 2009

What I Wore: three neutrals and two metallics

Shirt, my dad's old; shirt, thrifted; tights, American Apparel; belt, ???; shoes, not seen, Indigo by Clark. I had already taken off my shoes, and didn't feel like putting them on again, but you can see them here. My purse was black and silver.

I don't usually comment on the photo quality, but this photo really doesn't do this outfit justice. In reality, it was amazingly flattering. At least I look partly sane.

At first, I was worried about this outfit, since three neutrals (black, navy, and white) and two metallics (pewter and silver), but I really liked the end result.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie

PS: I have been thinking about doing an interview series, if any one has any tips on conducting interviews, please do share! Also, if you would like to be interviewed, or have someone you think would be interesting to interview, please let me know in the comments, or send me an email.


  1. i think it looks pretty flattering! love the shirt, it looks so comfy. and ooh, interviews! i hope you can find some interesting people!

  2. Why is it that oversized men's shirts stolen from our fathers, boyfriends, brothers, etc. always end up being some of our favorite pieces to wear? Love this look! :)

  3. no explaining necessary, i think you look devastatingly chic:) sometimes, all we really need is the crisp white (polo) shirt, and we're already fantastic! great styling:)


  4. Cute! Love the shirt and the overall layered look :)

    Amy xo

  5. I could live in mens shirts.
    Thats why neutrals are neutrals, they go with everything. And metallics are just more exciting neutrals in my book.I like all the colors together.

  6. love your outfit.

    you've got the most beautiful eyes!

  7. Cool outfit! I love the striped thing--not sure exactly what it is (skirt? shorts? shirt?). I see what you mean about not doing it justice. Interviews are always interesting.

  8. great outfit ! i love the shirt with the belt :D

  9. love your skirt!
    and dont try to explain, we ALL have photographs that turn out unexpectedly!

    -thanks for following Fashion Handglide, I really appreciate it

  10. liking the simplicity of this outfit!