03 September, 2009

What I Wore: Sweden and Iceland edition

I feel sort of guilty, since I got home almost two days ago, and I haven't posted, but I have been super busy. I finally uploaded the pictures I took, so we have an outfit post!

Leggings, La Class Couture; Shoes, Converse All Stars; Skirt, unknown; shirt, Lululemon; shawl (barely visible, worn as belt in this photo), Joe Fresh; back pack, vintage; belt, no idea.

This is what I wore for the trip over to Sweden. In this photo, I have my shawl wrapped around my waist, since the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm was really warm, but for most of the trip I had it wrapped around my shoulders. There is a lot of reasoning put into this outfit.
Pig tails: Hair up, not getting all static, but not in a pony at the back of the head, making sitting back uncomfortable.
Leggings: Comfy, and covering, since I had my heart set on a miniskirt.
Converse: Flat, comfy and cute.

Skirt, unknown; shirt, La Class Couture; shoes, Converse All Stars; tights, American Apparel, Necklace, gift from aunt; stupid facial expression, all Rosie trying to look aloof and serious.

I wore this one of the days we were in UmeƄ. Sadly, it is the only outfit from the week we spent there that got documented, since I was more focused on having fun, and never remembered my outfit until well after dark. Since I try and use only natural light, no outfit photos.

Skirt, thrifted; shirt, Smartset; tights, American Apparel; shoes, Converse All Stars; bra (seen in neckline), Lululemon; purse (bought just days earlier), Gina Tricot; sunglasses, Ray Ban.

I wore this the day that we spent in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. As an outfit, I liked it, but it wasn't super amazing. The combination this bra, with this skirt, made my chest look smaller, and my stomach look bigger, but I still rather enjoyed the outfit. After all, that much bright red always makes me happy!

Sweater, Stitches; Jeans, Gap; Dress, unknown, with ~4 inches chopped off the hem; Sunglasses, Ray Ban.

I was wearing just the dress and some leggings printed to look like jeans, but when we got to Iceland and decided to go walking, I promptly put on actual jeans and a hoodie, since I very much like my butt not frozen off.

I wore variations of this outfit for parts of the next two days, in Iceland and on the final flight.

Bathing suit, Winners; Sunglasses, Ray Ban.

We spent most of our time in Iceland soaking in the Blue Lagoon, and this is what I was wearing for that. I have had a love hate relationship with this bathing suit, because I have had a love hate relationship with my body. We are currently very much in a love, but lets make our relationship better stage at the moment, so I rather enjoyed flitting about in a bathing suit, feeling absolutely fabulous.

Thoughts? Requests?

Love, Rosie


  1. ooh, sounds like you had a lot of fun! great outfits, love the tights/converse combo and the ray-bans!

  2. I love the red one, and the one on the top!

    Go you and your epic style. : D

  3. All of the outfits are so cute!
    You look great in a bathing suit...I'm jealous :)

  4. your outfits are so cute, especially the dots in the first outfit , and the red matching going on in the third outfit :D!!! and yay for having a great time too ^^! Thank You so much for your lovely comment too <3

  5. some very funky outfits!!
    (thanks for helping with the photo size issue - it is the html part i can't get my head around! i am due to have my blog re-designed soon though, so will prob just wait for that!)

  6. Cute outfits.=) It's so fun to see pictures.

  7. I'm jealous of all your travels. Sweden and Iceland both sound really amazing. Hopefully you took lots of pictures! In reply to your comment: Both Tangerine and I are in full IB and are taking IB art as well to fufill the IB elective requirment (and because it's going to be crazy fun)

  8. Gosh love all the outfits! I like how you wear the skirts with contrasting tights. ^-^
    Sounds like you had an awesome time!