09 August, 2010

Art Show Time: Wings

I was taking some photos of different prints I've done recently, and I thought I would show you them. I've been hesitant to share my non-photography artwork here in the past, since it really doesn't have much to do with fashion, but I realized it is very related to style.

Carved in hard artists linoleum, printed using oil based ink on a special press
This one is actually an auto-portrait, albeit an abstract one. The real explanation for this is a bit too deep and personal for the entire internet to be able to read, but you can take what you want from it.

Carved in soft artist linoleum, printed using water based ink and a wooden spoon

Carved in flooring linoleum, printed with water based ink and a wooden spoon

All the pieces are linocuts, meaning I took a piece of linoleum, carved the mirror image of my design in it, then coated it in ink and printed it on the paper. The first two were done in my art class, and the final one is I did at home. I felt rather starving artist, sitting cross legged on my bed, carving out my design in flooring linoleum because artists linoleum costs a fortune and I can get the flooring stuff free, but then I remembered that I'm only a poor artist (who's still in school and supported by her parents) because I spend all my money on clothing (and save for university) and it sort of ruined the moment.

What do you consider your artistic outlet?



  1. I love the first one! You have talent.=)

  2. Rosie...these are wonderful!! I was never good in art class, so I just wrote off my "artistic" side until I started getting into photography. You should share your artwork more often! Just one more thing to add to your awesomeness!

  3. Really cool work! Let's see more.

  4. I love your linoleum prints! They're great. Do more. I think they're very much related to fashion. I also think it's important to do creative things like this by hand.

    Creative outlets are important. I like photography, jewelry making, drawing, and painting.

  5. Those are really impressive.

    I knit and sew occasionally, and I'm involved in theater.