24 August, 2010

What I Wore: Half Princess Leia

Jeans, thrifted; shirt, Joe Fresh; shoes (not seen), Birkis

I was really excited to post this outfit, because I was really proud of the fact that I was wearing jeans with something other than a t-shirt (and because I feel slightly dishonest only posting the outfits that are super pretty, since I don't wear them everyday), but then I saw the photos and was very, very sad. Most of them turned out fairly well, but the combination of how I was posing with the wind made my shirt look incredibly unflattering in most of them, which I swear it wasn't. 

On a seperate note, I really liked how I styled my hair today. I'm afraid I didn't manage to get any good photos, but by the end of the day they were two little tufts sticking out of the little bun, and it looked amazing. I pinned it up because it kept getting in my face, but this may be one of my new favourite ways to style my hair. I think I have to do for the full Princess Leia affect.

I've been super busy with packing and cleaning and stuff over the past few days, which is why my posts haven't been particularly interesting, but I have some neat stuff planned (I think.)

What do you like to wear with your jeans?



  1. First of all your shirt looks VERY flattering. Your hair looks cute too. I wear t-shirts with my jeans. But sometimes I wear oversized shirts with my skinny jeans and then I belt the shirt.

  2. with my jeans i like to wear ANYTHING! t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, whatever :') i love my jeans i'm never out of them. and by the way the shirt looks great, and thanks for wishing me luck! the results were awesome :)
    x x x

  3. i really like how you styled your hair too!

  4. I like that top. I'll wear jeans with just about any shirt.