03 August, 2010

What I Wore: Antoinette

Skirt, Åhlens; tank top, market; corset, handmade be me for a costume; leggings, Gina Tricot; shoes, Aldo; bow necklace, made by me; mask, made by me.

I've had this mask lying around my room since the end of the show, and I felt the need to style an outfit around it. I didn't actually wear this, but it is definitely something Antoinette would wear. I'm not sure if I've ever introduced her or not, so I will now. Antoinette is my alter ego, and we are very different people. She is confident  and extroverted, I'm shy. She does what she wants, I fear consequences. In some ways though, we are very similar. We both think Jello Shots are the bomb, neither of us care what any one thinks, we agree that partying all night is the second best way to spend our nights*.

Do you have an alter-ego?


*Pyjama parties with either amazing books or amazing people will always be first in our hearts.


  1. Nice haha!
    I thought that I didn´t have one , but is coming out!


  2. Lol! Cute! Know...no alter ego here, but now you got me thinking that maybe I should. It seems like all the cool people have one:

    ♥Beyonce/Sasha Fierce
    ♥Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines
    ♥Mariah Carey/ Mimi
    ...and now Rosie/Antoinette!!

    I love it :)

  3. god i wish i had an alter ego, beyonce pulls it off so well!
    antoinette sounds pretty sik :')
    and i like a pyjama night with a good book better than any party. sad, but true.
    x x x

  4. Racy outfit!! I love the pop of purple (yes, I have a purple tutu too!)

  5. I'm too boring to have an alter-ego but I like Antoinette! Cute outfit.