28 August, 2010

Clothing for Comfortable Traveling

I am one of those seemingly rare people who really enjoys airports. Everyone I know loves the planes, and the destinations, but is neutral at best when it comes to airports. And yes, there are awful ones. There are times when even I hate them, but there are so many neat things to be enjoyed if you open your mind. The people watching is fascinating and diverse, it's always fun to watch the planes, you can shop, read a book, make a friend, go for a walk, go exploring. One of the biggest reasons the people I've talked to don't like airports is that they find them uncomfortable. I see the problem not as being the airport (usually); but the outfit.
Plane Outfit

Plane Outfit by RosieUnknown 

 This is the only style of outfit I will wear to travel now, since it is the most comfortable thing I can put on my body. Obviously everyone is different, but the general ideas are pretty universal.

 Leggings and Dress: I find pants fairly uncomfortable, so there is no way I'm wearing them to fly. Also, Leggings and a knee length dress keep me covered in pretty much any position I could contort my body into, which is an essential for me. If you prefer pants, I'd recommend something loose like a harem pant, with a tunic top or bodysuit so you don't realize at the end of a flight that your curled up in a seat position was showing everyone near you just what kind of panties you were wearing.

Sweater: Airplanes are often really cold, and if you aren't using it it can be folded up and used as a pillow.

Pashmina: scarf, wrap, blanket, emergency hair control, pillow, protection from dubious seats, top, skirt; there really isn't much that a big pashmina can't do.

Soft cloth head band: not only will it keep your hair in place, but it will also serve as an emergency eye cover and block some noise.

Walking shoes: Since  generally do some hiking or heavy duty sight seeing, I always like to have my walking shoes along, and they are great for trekking through airports, lugging bags through public transit and keeping you balanced on moving planes. Another plus: since they are the biggest shoes you'll bring (probably), you'll save space in your bag. If you absolutely don't need walking shoes or sneakers, I would wear flats, but unless they are the best flats on earth, I don't think they could be as comfy as walking shoes.

What do you wear when traveling



  1. Really good advice Rosie. I like your airplane look. I used to love airports. Then 9/11 happened and suddenly they went from mildly irritating to down right annoying. Ever since they made me strip my baby down to his diaper I've just said "no" to air travel. Now I like train stations best.

  2. Personally I've never been to an airport so I can't judge on that.
    But I think the look is perfect for travelling whatever your mode of transport.
    Leggings + long comfy dress + flat shoes + snuggly scarf = a happy traveller Florrie. :)

    Florrie x

  3. this looks like a comfy outfit for travel - i'm terrible, I always wear something really impractical! x


  4. haha I always end up with an overweight suitcase! but these look nice and practical!