10 August, 2010

What I Wore: Casually Restricting

Jeans, Gap; shirt, Seduction; cardigan, Joe Fresh; sandals, Birkis; necklace, handmade by a friend

Today's outfit, as you can see, was super casual (for me at least). All I had to do was run some errands, and I decided that I didn't want to wear a skirt. I regretted it about as soon as I left the house, because I'd forgotten just how restricting jeans can be, but that's what I get for only wearing nice roomy skirts then trying to squeeze into jeans.

What do you wear for days when you are just running errands?



  1. It really depends on the weather. On a cool day I'd probably dress just like you! On a warm day a skirt for sure. Though I have to say I have been spotted at the grocery store in a dark purple velour sweatsuit.

  2. Looks good.=)

    Hmm.. on a cold day I would dress something like what you wore and on a warm day a skirt/dress or shorts, depends on my mood for the day.

  3. I usually wear jeans, because I find skirts to be restricting! You can't just bend over or reach if you need to with a skirt :)