06 August, 2010

The Trouble with Ruffles

In general, I pretty much love my style, all the aspects of it. The one draw back of my extreme love of close fitting skirts lies underneath: I have an insane love for ruffled underwear.

Pretty Pink Nylon with Ruffles Panties

Yeah, that kind of ruffled. And now I feel really conflicted, because while I have no problem spending money on pretty things, the pretty things I buy generally get worn. But panties that would only be wearable with one or two skirts that I don't wear that often? That's a bit crazy even by my standards.

Do you indulge in pretty garments that never get worn?



  1. Actually, I think that's a good thing. All my undies are the boring and "practical" type! I need a little more frills in that department ;o)

  2. I always fall in love with underwear with ruffles but I wouldn't have much clothes that I could wear them under either...=(

  3. Oh gosh they ar so pretty! So I totally get why you buy them, but they're just not the most practical things ever are they? Am totally not guilty of doing this myself, ahem. *shifty look*

    Florrie x

  4. I think you're supposed to wear that kind of thing to bed, you know?