04 August, 2010

Eclectic Love 3: The Birds are Calling

One of my main clothing dislikes are pants. When I wear something, I want it to look good and feel good, not pinch me and make me readjust all day, which is what pants do to my body. That being said, there are some times that skirts are just too annoying to wear, or I want more warmth. It is in these times that I turn to leggings and say: thank goodness I have you!

My personal favourites at the moment are a pair printed to look like jeans, but I stumbled across these today, and it was instant love.

Bright Blue Leggings with Screen Printed

There is just something about the little birds that call to me! Personally I imagine rocking them with a crisp white men's shirt for a simple look, or with a pastel green tunic for a different look.

Would you rock these amazing leggings?




  1. Whoa! Those are amazing! I would wear them, but probably not to teach in.

  2. I DO like these! Very Miu Miu. Although I'd probably wear them in black. If these are your legs in this shot, can I just say they look hot?

  3. Those are so cool, love them!

  4. You are more of a fashion risk taker than me, but I love you all the more for it :) I, personally, feel so exposed with skirts and dress, so I usually stick to pants.

  5. At my age I'd look pretty silly with birds flying up my pant legs, but I think you should wear them every day because one day you'll feel too silly to wear anything that cute too. Totally agree with you about pants. I can never find any that fit. I live in skirts in the summer, and only put on pants when it's too cold not too. I'm hoping to find some suitably long tunic things to wear over leggings this winter.

  6. Wow these are cool! I don't know if I could pull them off! x


  7. These are gorgeous! I too am a total trouserphobe. Also I've been to Brittany but I was only about ten - it was very quaint and pretty and we hired bikes and cycled around the place. You'll love it! :) x

  8. Those leggings are really cute. I would definitely wear them.